Mycala’s Reflection

Since I have gotten back, everyone has asked my favorite part. I find it hard to pinpoint one thing; we got to experience so much (as you have read in previous blog entries). However, I sum it up with this: people watching. I think one of my favorite things throughout our time spent in Tanzania was observing the people and how they lived and interacted, and it really made me think. Many of these people do not have smart phones, or iPods, or even electricity, but they all seemed too happy. And I have to admit; not having my phone for three and a half weeks was great. It really made me reflect on how much of the “stuff” I have here at home is just that. Stuff. Do I need the most current smart phone available or that pair of name brand shorts? No — those are wants. What I need is the same as the people of Lushoto, or Morogoro, or Zanzibar. Since the trip, I really look at everything I have and realize so much of it is unnecessary. But how do we make an entire culture wake up and realize this same thought? In the end, everyone is a lot more alike than we would ever think, even half way across the world.


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