May 16th-18th Mikumi National Park and Vuma Hills


Luxury Tents

Luxury Tents

On Thursday May 16th we were warmly welcomed into Mikumi National Park by numerous monkeys along the road. This was the start of some amazing views and wild animals! J We first got settled into our luxury tents at Juma Hills. They were super nice; we all had an amazing view off our decks. We had to listen to a brief presentation by the owner on the importance of making sure a Masaai warrior escorted us to our rooms at night because there was a leopard and her cub living in the area. They also have had appearances of elephantscoming to the pool looking for water. Oh! And we can’t forget to mention that at night you can feed the bush babies, and see honey badgers and a civet cat feast on the day’s leftovers.

Honey Badgers Feasting :)

Honey Badgers Feasting 🙂

Tanzania, Africa 2013 575

Feeding the Bush Babies Bananas

After that it was then time for our first Safari. Everyone had their cameras out snapping pictures of the gigantic groupings of impalas, elephants, giraffes, water buffalo, warhogs/ pumbas, zebras, hippos and even a crocodile. There was not a single person on the bus without a smile on their face, the biology majors were surely in heaven. It wasn’t until the next day, on our second safari, that we saw three lions resting in the shade. Other highlights included: going to a reptile zoo; where many held a rock python snake on their shoulders, swimming in the pool back a Juma Hills, eating delicious food, and feeding the bush babies 🙂



Animals (wanyama) in Swahili

Crocodile: mamba

Elephant: Tembo / ndoru

Giraffe: Twiga

Hippo: Kiboko

Hyena: Fisi

Leopard: chui

Snake: nyoka

Spider: Buibui

Zebra: punda milia


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