Morogoro Market and Oasis Restaurant May 14th

Hello Everyone!

Well I think it is safe to say that Morogoro is definitely warmer than Lushoto. We spent the morning playing some volleyball and it was extremely warm out. We also gave some of our donations over to the school. The Wartburg Women’s Soccer Team donated nets, which was perfect timing because they were having playoffs for a soccer tournament in the coming days. Other donations included some laptops donated by Wartburg and an alter cloth donated by Debbie’s church. They were very thankful for all of our donations.

Volleyball at LJS

Volleyball at LJS

Donating Soccer nets from the Wartburg Women's Soccer Team

Donating Soccer nets from the Wartburg Women’s Soccer Team

After eating some lunch at LJS we boarded the bus to spend the rest of the day in the city of Morogoro. Patrick created a scavenger hunt as a way for us to explore the downtown area. It also gave us a chance to practice our Swahili as we passed by the locals. A few things we saw included a Mosque, internet cafes, Piki piki shops, men drinking Kahawa, the market, and we even saw a Pioneer Seed Ad. It was a little heart-wrenching though to see the beggars on the street. It definitely is not something we are used to seeing back in the states. After walking around for a while we all met back together for some ice cream at Ricky’s café. It was delicious!! Our next stop was Hiliary’s shop. He makes really nice handmade crafts out of wood and cloth. I think everyone on the trip bought at least something from him. We then went to have dinner at the Oasis restaurant. We were accompanied by two quests; Barbara who works as an AIDS/HIV coordinator and a woman from the Peace Corps, I apologize I cannot remember her name at the moment. We had some very fascinating conversations about their experiences here in Tanzania and the events leading up to their arrival. Barbara also spoke about her line of work and her role in promoting the education of AIDS/HIV. In her time being in Tanzania Barbara said she has seen a drastic difference in the willingness for people to open up and talk about AIDS/HIV. It was very interesting to learn and hear their stories. Oh and the food was amazing! Many of us even tried something new!

Mosque in Morogoro


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