May 8th Mt. Kilimanjaro and Waterfall

Hello everyone from Mt. Kilimanjaro!

After the long bus ride we finally arrived at Kilimanjaro! It was absolutely amazing seeing the ice capped mountain rise above the horizon. We arrived at the resort at about 4:00 and all ran to our rooms. The rooms were absolutely incredible, we were definitely spoiled. Our room opened up into a nice living room and then went into a beautiful bedroom. As soon as we saw our rooms everyone ran outside completely excited. It was now time to explore the grounds and this is when we found the pool, the view of the creek and Pete’s bar. The rest of the afternoon we all just sat around outside and enjoyed the sunshine and view while we relaxed. Dinner time approached quickly and we were served a wonderful dinner that was typical of the colonial period. It consisted of soup, salad, meat, and we received our first real dessert of the whole trip! After dinner everyone sat around outside and enjoyed the beautiful evening. The next morning everyone got up early to get the best view of the mountain. It was amazing! At breakfast we were served a wonderful breakfast that consisted of eggs, bacon, sausage, or an omelet. At breakfast everyone talked about how nice they slept and how wonderful it was to have a consistently hot shower. We decided as a group to take a day hike and see as much of the mountain as possible. As we found out we couldn’t see much, but we were able to see the starting point for the hike up the mountain and learned about the climb up. After seeing the starting point our guide took us to see a 95m tall waterfall. It was neat hiking down into the valley to look up at the waterfall. On our hike back to the bus we ran into an incredible nice elderly lady who happened to be African royalty! That night we all relaxed much like we did the night before. I am quite confident no one wanted to see Kilimanjaro go.



Mt. Kilimanjaro

Mt. Kilimanjaro



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