May 7th

Hello!  Today we had our third and final Kiswahili lesson with our lovely teachers.  We learned two songs: one about counting and one about introducing yourself and your family.  So now we are basically 3-year old Kiswahili speakers, which could be more dangerous than us not knowing any of the language: we can count, greet people, and say ‘mboga mboga’ which means vegetables.  After Kiswahili class we hung around campus and showed up 40 minutes late to a sign-language class. We like to call it “Tanzanian time”. We learned useful terms such as ‘slaughter’, ‘choose’, ‘wear’, and ‘dirty’. After a glimpse of the University classroom, we realized that the rain had stopped for the first time since we arrived in the mountain area, we all let loose and played 500 with a football that one of us brought as a donation, enjoying the long-lost sunshine.  It was interesting to see the reactions we received from the people at Sekomu as the females wrestled each other and males for the ball.  Lots and lots of staring.  Later in the afternoon, we went for a walk towards town, and saw monkeys in the trees.  It was great!  We will probably be taking a few home with us.  Also, we will bring chickens, cows, goats, and children home with us.  I don’t think the airport will mind.  Right?

Swahili Class

Swahili Class


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