May 12th Orphanage

Mambo! Today we arrived in Morogoro at LJS, the Lutheran Junior Seminary School. After we all settled into our new rooms and ate some lunch we visited the Mgorore Children’s Orphanage. It was approximately a 40 minute walk and we all brought the rest of our donations for the children. Right when we arrived, we unloaded the donations, which included crayons, coloring books, balls, cleats, clothes, stuffed animals and sunglasses galore.  Then the children were released upon us; they stampeded from one end of the hall with smiles on their faces and excitement in the air. We gladly accepted the children jumping and climbing on us. One of the Sisters at the orphanage started handing out the toys to the kids; almost every child received a pair of sunglasses. We spent the next hour goofing around and chasing the children. There was one 6 month old baby, Joseph that was passed around between all the girls. He had the cutest cowboy boots! Don’t worry we took tons of pictures! At one point all the guys had children on the shoulders running around. It was bittersweet when we were told we had to leave, but we knew we would be back tomorrow!P1010086Tanzania, Africa 2013 353934855_10201087015835558_698830171_n


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