May 5th

Hello all,

This morning we woke up, ate our delicious traditional b

reakfast, and then headed off to a beautiful church service. Lutheran Cathedral hosted us and even allowed us to sing for them. They were in for a treat. After their choir sang and danced, we had to get up there and Chris chose the song “We are marching in the light of God.” Taylor J, Chris and Shayla led the first verse in Swahili, and then the rest of us joined in English. We were all really nervous at first, but survived it. After church we talked a little bit with the natives, as much as we could.  We then headed to the market for some shopping. Some of us bought a whole lot because everything is so cheap here. We can buy a jacket for about 6000 schillings, which is about 4.5 US dollars. We walked in and the first part of the market was primarily produce. People would lay a burlap sack down and pile the produce on that they had previously picked. There were probably about 100 people their wanting you to buy their produce. They would all say, “karibu/welcome” to try and get us to buy their product.  After about two and a half hours in the market, we went to a restaurant for a lunch/dinner. We were served pork tidbits, and a tomato, onion, and habanero pepper mixture. There were cooked bananas on the side most likely to eat after a habanero because we found out those were really hot! We of course all tried them and then didn’t know what to do when we found out how hot they were. After dinner we all headed back up to Sekumo and hung around before dinner. They treat us so well here, it’s outstanding! The food for dinner was wonderful; more rice, vegetables, meatballs, and even pasta with a red sauce.  After dinner we got together to play some cards once again, hoping that it won’t get too heated this time!


Lutheran Cathedral

Tanzania, Africa 2013 112

Intense game of toothbrushes

Intense game of toothbrushes


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