Habari gani from Tanzania!

We finally arrived in Africa late Wednesday May 1st after two long flights from Chicago to Amsterdam and Amsterdam to Dar es Salaam. We were greeted with open arms by our bus driver and Kadeghe! Our first night we spent at the Catholic Guest House in Dar es Salaam. To our surprise our accommodations were very nice; some of us even had air conditioning! We haven’t had much access to internet since we have arrived, until now at the Sekomu University in Lushoto.  So in a nutshell, we have traveled a lot, seen the beautiful landscape, ate amazing food- practically every two hours, almost fish tailed off a cliff, learned basic greetings in Swahili, and bonded as a group playing an intense game of Phase 10. We look forward to seeing a church service, visiting orphanages, taking more Swahili classes and going to the Market in the upcoming days. We’ll keep you posted, Kwa herini (goodbye)!

Christina, Shayla, Mycala, Jes, Debbie, Aaron, Justin, Taylor S, Heidi, Abby, Taylor J, Chris, Patrick and Drolet.

Donations for the Orphanage!!

Donations for the Orphanage!!


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